Piccolo is a one of the main Protagonists of dragon ball z created by Akira Toriyama he is the Namekian Reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo. In dragon ball z one piece fan crossover Piccolo is partners with Roronoa Zoro the two swordsmen join Monkey D Luffy and Goku and join the Strawhat Pirates. Piccolo is also a chi user which means he can controll chi and shoot energy blasts.

Statistics (not for dragon ball z but for One Piece DBZ crossover)
Full Name Piccolo
First Appearance: Chapter 2
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates
Occupations: Swordmen Pirate former Bounty Hunter
Creator / owner Akira Toriyama



King Piccolo (father / Reincarnation)

Kami (good side/fathers good side / father)

Roronoa Zoro

Race Namekian

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